It’s the end of our journey… we drove over 7000km through 9 countries, played a lot of backgammon, tasted various styles of traditional foods and produced a huge amount of video and photo material… we met a lot of nice people who showed us around in their lives and gave us a view in their thoughts and opened us new perspectives.

In Istanbul we lived at Yasemin and Cigdems place in Besiktas. The girls hosted us super nicely and connected us to local artists and to the swiss artists Astride Schlaefli and Christian Kuntner who made their street performance „Remote Citizens“ in the streets of Istanbul. Due to capacity problems we cannot provide a teaser this time you have to wait for the full version…

The girls gave away in exchange of the „Activity Center“ a self-made television which was made because of the lack of a real one. But in some ways it’s even better because you can use it as a pillow. The injection was once filled with chocolate to heal lovesickness.

From here Johannes drove back to Germany to finish his studies editing the video footage for his diploma. Florian continued, now accompanied by his brother for some weeks, his travels towards Asia. First stop was Nepal from where he travelled to India…

Thanks again to all the people we met or accompanied us on our way. It was a pleasure to meet and spent time with all you guys!!



Here you can watch a little making-of… enjoy…

Flotte Istanbul Timescape from Johannes Orthmayr on Vimeo.


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