Cluj is which has probably the most interesting art-scene of Romania. We stayed there for a week and met a lot of young art-students. It’s a young city full of international students and offers a vivid cultural life, which we really enjoyed.

The trading project went on, Balazs a very talented sculpture-art student gave me his „Fisherprice Activity Center“ for the pyramide. Balsazs said: „It’s very important not to forget to play in life and it’s useful to calm down partypeople!“

Thanks to everyone we met in Cluj for showing us around and sharing these great days together!

We left Cluj drove to Bukarest where we collected Strauss and went to the Donau-Delta where we stayedt for 3 days in Crişan. Our host Ion drove us around by boat showed beautiful landscape of the delta. We also visited the filmset of the german movie „Tom Sawyer“ which was filmed there a few weeks before. Watch out the short Donau-teaser.

After a short stopover in Shabla, Bulgaria we finally reached our destination ISTANBUL!

Our travelmate and actor Strauss already left again back to Germany.

Foto: Strauss himself

Ein Gedanke zu „Cluj-Napoca

  1. Der Blog wird von mal zu mal schöner…eine Tatsache, die man vor dir nicht behaupten kann…Spaß beiseite: Echt geile Seite! Und: JA..ich klicke regelmäßig hier rum! Wo biste denn jetzt eigentlich unterwegs?

    Greetz SN

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