It’s the end of our journey… we drove over 7000km through 9 countries, played a lot of backgammon, tasted various styles of traditional foods and produced a huge amount of video and photo material… we met a lot of nice people who showed us around in their lives and gave us a view in their thoughts and opened us new perspectives.

In Istanbul we lived at Yasemin and Cigdems place in Besiktas. The girls hosted us super nicely and connected us to local artists and to the swiss artists Astride Schlaefli and Christian Kuntner who made their street performance „Remote Citizens“ in the streets of Istanbul. Due to capacity problems we cannot provide a teaser this time you have to wait for the full version…

The girls gave away in exchange of the „Activity Center“ a self-made television which was made because of the lack of a real one. But in some ways it’s even better because you can use it as a pillow. The injection was once filled with chocolate to heal lovesickness.

From here Johannes drove back to Germany to finish his studies editing the video footage for his diploma. Florian continued, now accompanied by his brother for some weeks, his travels towards Asia. First stop was Nepal from where he travelled to India…

Thanks again to all the people we met or accompanied us on our way. It was a pleasure to meet and spent time with all you guys!!



Here you can watch a little making-of… enjoy…

Flotte Istanbul Timescape from Johannes Orthmayr on Vimeo.


Cluj is which has probably the most interesting art-scene of Romania. We stayed there for a week and met a lot of young art-students. It’s a young city full of international students and offers a vivid cultural life, which we really enjoyed.

The trading project went on, Balazs a very talented sculpture-art student gave me his „Fisherprice Activity Center“ for the pyramide. Balsazs said: „It’s very important not to forget to play in life and it’s useful to calm down partypeople!“

Thanks to everyone we met in Cluj for showing us around and sharing these great days together!

We left Cluj drove to Bukarest where we collected Strauss and went to the Donau-Delta where we stayedt for 3 days in Crişan. Our host Ion drove us around by boat showed beautiful landscape of the delta. We also visited the filmset of the german movie „Tom Sawyer“ which was filmed there a few weeks before. Watch out the short Donau-teaser.

After a short stopover in Shabla, Bulgaria we finally reached our destination ISTANBUL!

Our travelmate and actor Strauss already left again back to Germany.

Foto: Strauss himself


When we crossed the romanian border it was very interesting to see that we slowly fade into the Balkan. We drove to Făget where we lived at the place of Johannes‘ relatives Meli and Pisti. There the guys showed us how they catch fish using nothing else than their blank hands. We were brought to a local village-distillery where they brewed the infamous ‚Palinka‘. We had to say many times ’noroc‘, which means ‚cheers‘. Aside of the wild romanian life we also had some philosophical moments, as you can see in the following teaser.

The opportunity of freedom from Johannes Orthmayr on Vimeo.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Our hosts showed us around in the area where we saw a 500 years old wooden church, some very nice landscapes and enabled the meeting with the french artist Alfred Hamm, who lives since 15 years in Romania, which was  very convenient.

And some sad news: Susanne finally left us after one month of joint-travelling. Bye bye Susi G…

Thank you again Meli, Pisti, Attila, Arpad, Dan, Alfred and all the others for the nice time!


In Budapest we stayed in Buda at Eszters place. She was already accompanying us in Slovakia where she protected us against drunken flowersellers ;). In Budapest she showed us around and helped us connecting people there…

Here is again a little teaser we made in Budapest. We met Dés Márton an art student who is studying art in Budapest since 3 years. Here is a link to his personal homepage where you can see some of his work:

Budapest_Teaser from Johannes Orthmayr on Vimeo.

And some pictures of the city of Budapest and the National Park where we stayed one night in the open air on our way to Romania:

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Thank you Eszter for the great time!


We left Poland and followed an invitation from our friend Marosz to Bratislava. There we stayed for a couple of days and left together to Liptovská Osada which is located in the hills of the slovakian Tatra. Here are the results of our work there.

A little teaser again with material we collected in the nature and in Bratislava and its surrounding landscape.

Slowakei_Teaser from Johannes Orthmayr on Vimeo.

In the nature of the Tatra we met these shepards who were milking their sheeps.

Diese Diashow benötigt JavaScript.

Big hug to Marosz and his beautiful family who hosted us like kings! Thank you guys!!!


In Bolesławiec we stayed at Bogdan Nowaks hotel the Villa Ambasada. They organize a clayparade every summer. Hundreds of people cover themselves with clay and go in a huge parade through the city. Artists from all over the world are participating this happening.
Here is again a short teaser of what we filmed…. enjoy

Bolesławiec_Teaser from Johannes Orthmayr on Vimeo.

The trading project also went further… So I traded the die from Luc against a pyramide. Pyramides are awarded to have some special power. So Bogdan bought this one over 2o years before in South-America and it accompanated him all the time. It is said that when you put something under it like a wish written on paper it will profit from its ‚magical‘ force. So I will probalbly use it too until I trade it again 🙂

And proudly we introduce our new travelmate Susanne a tough girl from the black forest.


In Boleslawiec we were asked if we want to join the artistgroup around Bogdan Nowak on their little trip to the TVP1 in Warschau for a promotional appearance in the breakfast TV. So we got live on air in Poland’s first TV channel…. Watch out the short edit about the gig.

Here is the link to the full version (you have to install the silverfast stuff first)

TV Polen from Johannes Orthmayr on Vimeo.


We left Metz on August 4th, made a little stop in Ensdorf and left bleary-eyed to Berlin. In Berlin we visited our friend Dirty Dirk who is a fashion designer and passionated inline-skater. Our second project for the trip is to shoot little portraits about interesting people we meet along the trip. Here is a little teaser of what you hopefully will see when I finish my diploma.

BERLIN_teaser from Johannes Orthmayr on Vimeo.

And we had to say good-bye to our beloved travelmate Jared from Kansas. Happy days Jared we hope to see you soon back in Europe.

We started a second photoproject: shivers. Here is the first one….


In Metz we stayed at Luc’s place. We met him on a project in Poland earlier this year and he invited us to Metz. Here started my photoproject. I trade objects because of their emotional value. It was a kaleidoscope which my brother found in the heritage of our grandmother. We grew up with it and i think even our mother did. So it shaped my visual personality as a child in some kind of way. Luc gave me a big old die for it, which appeared him in a dream wich is very important for him.

Here are the pictures and some screenshots of the video in which he tells the story of this dream.

Thanks again to Luc for letting us sleep at your place and also Lucie, Jean and the rest of you guys for the great time in Metz :* merci beaucoup….